Our Sponsors

All of the sponsors of the Bohemian Sto Mil were hand-picked, fresh and local.


GoldenRod pastries

Angela Garbacz, pastry genius who makes all of her food art with true love, will be hosting a barbecue at the end of the race. She owns Lincoln’s beloved staple, Goldenrod Pastries. “I’d sponsor this race even if my husband didn’t start it” -Angela Garbacz

Photo cred: Tatiana Davila www.tatianadavila.com

Monkey wrench cycles

Eric Peterson and Nate Woodman, entrepreneurial masters of the cycling universe. Providing the Sto Mil with local capabilities of wrenching bikes, good looks and have donated items for the raffle at the end of the race.


Champion system

Jay Thomas, local cycling aficionado and expert of Champion Systems, a custom technical apparel company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Donating items for the raffle at the end of the race.



Locally handcrafted ciders that are unique and naturally gluten free. Saro will be donating cider and refreshments for our barbecue.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 9.29.09 PM.png

Becca Wright photography

Becca is our resident photographer who captures the grit and grind with grace. She is from Lincoln and posts photos of the Sto Mil every year.


N street Drive-in liquor

N Street Drive In is a family-owned Lincoln business that's been around since 1963. Specializing in craft beer, fine wine, and liquor.  They will be providing refreshments at the Sto Mil barbecue.