Friday Night

July 19, 2019 6-9pm. Rider check-in and polka party. We will be at the Kolache Korner Cafe in Prague, Nebr for optional rider Czech-in. They have live polka music, great food, and cold beer. Prague is less than a mile from the camping and ride start/fish at Czechland Lake

Ride Start

The start and finish will be at Czechland Lake just north of Prague, Nebraska. Riders will get rolling at 7am sharp. Please show up by 6:30am especially if you didn’t check-in the night before.


There will be 3 Czechpoints this year, evenly spaced at miles 25, 50, and 75. No personal outside support is allowed. The first Czechpoint will be a gas station for your refueling needs, the other two will be staffed by volunteers. We will have snacks, water, and hydration mix.